New Rules for Success in Google and Facebook (GUIDE)

In recent months I formulated some strategies for success in Google and Facebook

Some of the recommendations are based on my conversation with Internet marketing guru Joel Goldstein, others – on long-term experiments.

If you follow these rules, I guarantee that you will see the incredible effect – more visitors and more sales.

The most important thing is not to try to cheat Google, says Mr. Goldstein.

Google grows wiser and is getting smarter day after day, so instead of trying to find a way to make Google think you are the best – just become the best!
There are three main things you can do in order to have good search results: on-page optimization of every page of the site; a lot of social signals and an authoritative brand.

So you need super quality content and loyal visitors, to share it – nothing too complicated!

See the guide point by point:

1. Video is the magic of Internet – Use it!

Who is Joel Goldstein?

Joel Goldstein is form Orlando, Florida and is real “rock” star in Internet due to his book “A Professional’s Guide to Social Media”. He is internet marketing expert and has participated in a lot of programs on CNN, MSNBC и Fox News. His personal profile in Facebook has around 30 000 followers. My first meeting with him was on the first meeting from „London Entrepreneur Support“, organized by Rob Cubbon, just 400 meters from “Victoria” metro station. Then Goldstein and his fiancée go to Africa where make this video:

Make themed video or pay to someone to do it – don’t worry about the expenses – your money will come back to you really soon.
It is really important to have really thematic video – not just something. Upload it in You Tube and embed it in the articles. What’s the point?

This will increase the time your visitors spend on the site and will provide your page an authoritative outgoing link to YouTube. This definitely will lead to better positioning in Google. In every case video can be called the magic of the Internet. It has the power to make people stay longer on the site, but also has the ability to persuade and something even more important – to help you sell more and earn more!

One really strong channel in You Tube will give you a lot of benefits – authority in search engine, traffic and loyal visitors – just a dream come true!

2. Perfection is the key!

While people may not be perfect, articles – can!

“Crush” the article in inner sub-headings in H4 and put one general sub-heading in H3, containing key words. No one likes reading a huge text without any sub-headings; this is really boring, isn’t it?

Put more than one picture. If possible, the picture should be unique and original (made form you or especially for the article). If this is not possible use the modern technologies represented by Photoshop – make original collage and stylize it – make the illustration unique!

Pictures in the article sometimes can be the key – they can urge more people to share and bookmark. So don’t underestimate the power of pictures!

Good picture can save the article if the text is not good enough. The article should be at least 300-350 words. But if it is 500-700 will be even better.

Everything should be beautiful, meaningful, useful and well arranged. Visitors and therefore Google will like it.

3. Beauty will save the world!

Георги Календеров

The author on the meeting and the Organizer Mr. Cubbon in the small picture

The title of the article should be just perfect! Write a few lines for social network (don’t forget them) and choose the illustration that will present you there.

The main principle is to attract people, to make them click on the article and go to your site – if you have done everything right – they will know what to do then. Put relevant outbound link to Wikipedia and other authoritative site from the same area. Put also link to other article from your site on the same theme (not just an article but really good one).

4. Provoke and search for “viral” effect

Pay attention to the “viral” element of the article. What does it mean? The article should be provocative, interesting, and unique. So the visitors will have the irresistible desire to like and share. The more likes and shares the more new visitors, the more new visitors – the more likes and shares – cool!

Before you start asking how to do it remember that people like to read about all sorts of conspiracy to provoke their fears, make discovery that will impress them, to offer them information that will facilitate their lives, and so on. Learn more about the effect of the rumor (rumor transmission). No matter what you do at the end your success will be measured by the number of likes and shares!

If they are not enough – sorry guys, but you are to blame!

5. Biological weapon attack

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle – the pub where the meet up was.

Announce the article in G+ and Facebook pages with more fans, around 100-200 thousand, but don’t forget about Pinterest and Twitter. Pay attention to the people who like the article, to those who comment and share. Pay attention and to those who don’t like it! Don’t be blinkered horse – only writing is not enough! You need to analyze, ask and change what is wrong. If there are negative comments, ask what have provoked them and fix the error. Answer to every comment – feedback is also important. Like every share! If you want to generate natural links to your article, created by users, rule number one is to have a lot of visitors. Rule number two is really interesting content, which will inspire your visitors to “move” (like & share). So you will not need to cheat on Google and “collect links”. Your audience will do it for you! Voila!

6. The day after tomorrow

So there are two really good benefits – good positioning and results in search engines and a lot of traffic from social networks – something you can earn a lot from!

Good positioning can delay for a week or two, but don’t worry, but if you have made the “viral” effect, traffic and feedback will come immediately.

If a lot of people like and comment an article, this won’t stay a secret for a long time! So, go,go, angels!

7. Like this!

Facebook Versus Google+If you have liked this article and it is useful for you, please use social buttons in the left upper corner.

The more people see it the more people will share it. Don’t forget to put an appeal in your article. If you want people to do something tell them to do it. Unless they have extraordinary abilities they won’t know what you want from them. Telepathy is really interesting phenomenon but doesn’t have anything to do with marketing. If you have done your job right – it means you have written the perfect article, with perfect illustrations and video, people will take your appeal really serious.

But if you have missed the appeal don’t be mad at the visitors and don’t act like an angry child – no one can read your mind (yet).

So: Like it, please!

George Kalenderov

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